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Entreprenure Magazine MLM Success Plan
Entrepreneur Magazine MLM Success Plan
MXI Xocai Chocolate / MLM Success Plan

  Understanding Why The MLM Works - 
MLM versus Company ABC
Paul Zane Pilzer MLM Success Plan
In his book "Next Millionaires", Paul Zane Pilzer outlined the home based business industry and the Health and Wellness industry as two of the three industries which will create the next 10 million new millionaires between 2006 and 2016.
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MLM Success Plan::MXI Xocai Chocolate | Join MXI Xocai - Order Xocai Chocolate
MLM Success Plan::MXI Xocai Chocolate | Join MXI Xocai - Order Xocai Chocolate
   It is truly amazing to think that even in today’s environment, people still don’t understand the concept of multi level marketing.  Unfortunately, MLM
(multi level marketing) is too often mistakenly referred to as pyramid marketing or pyramid schemes.  This is a huge mistake.  In the old days, MLM (multi level marketing) was considered an alternative to the traditional methods that companies used to promote and market their products.  Now, for some companies, such as MXI, using multi level marketing is the preferred approach to promote and market their product lines consisting of high quality, high antioxidant healthy Xocai Chocolate.  MXI stands for Marketing Xocalate (Chocalate) International.
    The basic structure of an MLM organization is no different than the basic structure of your typical company.  So where is the difference?  The typical or traditional company structure starts with the company CEO at the top by himself.  His direct reports will consist of 4 division presidents (north, south, east, and west).  Each Division President will have 2 direct reports – a VP of Marketing and a VP of Manufacturing.  Each VP will have a minimum of 2 area Zone Managers under them.  Each Zone Manager is responsible for over seeing 5 stores.  Each store has a Store Manager.  Each Store Manager has 5 Department Heads.  Each Department Head has 20 associates working for them.  One of those associates is YOU!  Here’s what a typical income scale will look like:
    In the typical or traditional company structure, it doesn’t matter how much effort you personally put into growing the company sales, your pay stays the same.  If you work less hours, you earn less pay.  The Store Manager, however, will enjoy a bigger bonus from your efforts.  The Zone Manager will enjoy an even bigger bonus and so forth – all the way up the ladder to the CEO.  The company must also set aside up to 50% of its revenues to pay for advertising and marketing for its product, so you don’t get any of that money either.

300k per year + bonuses
120k per year + bonuses
95k per year + bonuses
75k per year + bonuses
60k per year + bonuses
50k per year
40k per year
1.  CEO
2.  DP
3.  VP    
4.  ZM
5.  SM
6.  DH
7.  YOU
    Unlike the traditional company compensation structure, in the MXI Xocai Chocolate system, the harder you work, the more money you earn.  As you promote and market the Xocai Chocolate product, the company will pay YOU the money that would have been set aside for marketing and advertising.  If you recruit a new Distributor, the company will pay you a commission based on the "new sales"  that your new Distributor creates.  The New Distributor does not lose any of his/her commissions to you!!  If your new Distributor recruits a new Distributor for their team, he/she will earn a commission based on the sales that their new Distributor creates.  YOU will also earn another commission since the latest Distributor to join is also on your team.  This process can continue on to infinity, so as the business grows, so does your business and income.
    To put this into prospective, older MLM companies such as Mary K cosmetics and Amway has been in business for 20+ years and have close to 6 million Distributors each, if not more.  On the other hand, MXI Xocai Chocolate is 3 years old and has just over 35,000 Distributors, which makes MXI Xocai an excellent "ground floor" opportunity!

    Imagine what kind of income you would be making if you had joined Mary K or Amway and you were Distributor # 35,000 out of 6 million.  Your team would be HUGE!  Add to that, the fact that the cost to join MXI as a Distributor is currently only $35, ... its practically a “no brainer”.
1.  UpLine 6
2.  UpLine 5
3.  UpLine 4
4.  UpLine 3
5   UpLine 2
6   UpLine 1
7   YOU!
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
50% commissions + team bonuses
    In the MXI Xocai MLM company structure, the typical income scale will look like this:
      If you master the following 3 keys to succeeding in MXI’s Xocai Chocolate MLM or any other multi level marketing company, you can almost guarantee yourself an income that you never thought was remotely possible – an income that would envy the leaders of company ABC.  The 3 keys are:
So what’s the key
to succeeding in
MXI Xocai Chocolate MLM?
1.Be Patient.
2.Stay Consistent
3.Keep it Simple
1.  Be Patient.
Sure, MXI Xocai Chocolate has an aggressive compensation plan designed to reward its Distributors up to $10,000 or more per month in as little as 6 – 8 months, but this IS NOT a get rich quick scheme.  You have to be extremely patient.  Please don't confuse "being patient" with "being lazy".  YOU DO have to work your business in order to succeed.  Realistically, you’ll spend about 6 – 8 months laying the foundation for your business.  Then, without warning, your business will start to grow so fast that you won’t have time to cash the checks quick enough.

2.  Keep it Simple.
Your goal should be to recruit 1 new Distributor each month.  The number of interested prospects that you must talk to in order to recruit 1 new Distributor depends on how well you expose them to the business opportunity.  Don’t worry!  MXI Xocai has video and power point resources already in place and  ready for you to use to promote your new business.  In fact, all you have to do is show them where to go to view the business presentation and sign up.  All the resources can be found on your web site which the company provides.  Here is a sample of some of MXI Xocai resources:
    If you teach your new Distributors these same keys and they follow them with you, here’s an example of how your business can grow and evolve if you recruit just 1 new Distributor each month and teach them to do the same:
3.  Stay Consistent.
As you can see in the example above, the key is to make sure that everyone on your team stays consistent and commit to recruiting 1 new Distributor each month.  What happens if you recruit 2? Or 3?  Can you even imagine the possibilities???

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